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« For all those who love to dream, the universe of Jules Verne and beautiful hand-made works of art. »


« "In 1974 was edited "Démon des glaces" (The Ice Demon). This album from Tardi, less known than the series of "Adèle Blanc-sec", is however very particuliar. Taking place at the end of the 19th century, it is a very successful mixture of a scenario worthy of Jules Verne and the astonishing designs such as made by Gustave Doré. This comic strip which I discovered at the age of 10 in the local library irremediably influenced my imagination.

This is the imagination which I want to share with you through L'ATELIER DE JULES V. »

Franck Piantoni

"Le demon des glaces"
Jacques TARDI
CASTERMAN editions

French armoured rams
"Cerbère et Bélier" - 1869

I invent, design and create in the shape of model vehicles as it could have been created in the second half of the 19th century. At that time, progress in the industrial field associated with very empirical design means gave birth to constructions which sometimes presented unlikely forms and which were often inspired by nature.

The skin of these "monsters" was made of rivetted sheet metal, their entrails abounded in huge cogs and wheels and the engine power came from steam or the beginnings of electricity.

Mes My models are born in this spirit.


When carrying out the design of my models, I try to follow realistic steps. I wish to obtain the most plausible creations from the historical as well as the functional point of view.
Once the design phase is finished, creation can take either the form of sculptures, models (exhibition or functional) or half-shells. In order to do this, I use different types of material (wood, metal, composites, paper, etc.) depending on the type of model and the desired result obtained.
These models can be unique pieces, variants of the same model or small numbered series. They can be created on order to special requirements, measurements varying from a few centimeters to several meters.

"Nébulus" project

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